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Choros was a 5 day game jam made with a group of 7 developers. We were challenged to create a game that could be played and displayed on an arcade cabinet at Sheridan College. As a group we decided that we wanted to create a narrative exploration game. 

Choros is the result, you play as a faceless astronaut who has luckily landed on a space station after being lost by their crew. You explore the derelict space station, restoring its systems  and uncovering the events that lead to its abandonment. 

I was the game designer and programmed the camera, lighting and helped with coding U.I. for all the data pads throughout the game.  


WASD to move

H flips the character 
J grabs and interacts with things

C is input coin (refills oxygen, so pretty much a cheat)


Spencer Harrill - Game Design, Level Design, and Programming

Keltie Wright - Writer, Level Design, Sound Design

Sam Elkana - Environment Artist

Kim Osborne - Character Artist

Bartek Salata - Programmer

Nicolas Digout - Concepting and Sound Design

Will Zettel - UI and UX



ChorosItchio.zip 25 MB

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